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April 4, 2010

Crash and burn , the end of my adventure :(

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The following day, the wind had dropped. My foot hurt and I was late getting up. I didn’t feel right on the bike. Still we press on, up Ruta 40. Many short sections of tarmac have now been constructed at seemingly random positions along this route, leading one on a stop start regime. Progress slows right down on the piste sections.

So there I was , bombing along on one of the tarmac sections behind Nigel. Only it changed, all of a sudden, pesky road. The fact I wasn’t paying attention had absolutely  nothing to do with it, naturally I am exonerated from all blame.

Well Nigel didn’t see it either but he managed to stay upright. I threw the bike to the right, in order to miss him and  discovered that I should have gone left, where there was no signpost.  Sod’s law dictated that if there was a hard object within range, then I was guaranteed to hit it. Which I did !

That object happened to be the signpost, which if I had took the trouble to read it, would have advised me to moderate my speed to 40kph  🙂  In fact my speed, at the time was nearer to 75 mph !

Well the signpost slowed me down well enough. It broke three of my ribs and fractured my pelvis. In return I broke it. All 4″x 4″ solid wood of it. Pictures to prove, below. Bugger.

So they picked me up, stuck me in the Ute and I finished the day feeling pretty pissed off, watching the action from the comfy seat. Doh !


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