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April 4, 2010

Ruta 40 !

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Ruta 40 !        Nemesis ? Challenge, certainly. Not for the faint hearted.

We set off from the the scene of our first camp site, a municipal provision, used by everyone and their dog. Or more specifically dogs, it seemed. Broken glass and debris strewn everywhere but nevertheless a peach of a place for a camp. By a river and to top it all, a massive full moon. This, our Malayan photographer, Alex proceeded to compose with gusto.

The tarmac soon petered out into a poor imitation of a road, ‘piste’ they call it, ‘pissed’ might be more appropriate. For those of us who had not encountered this sort of terrain before, this proved to be a time for quick learning. I had had a day’s off road training with Ady Smith which proved to be a worthwhile asset.

At least I had a clue what to do. Keep vertical, light grip on the bars, weight the pegs alternately, very light throttle and don’t use the brakes. If you hit gravel, let the bike drift where it wishes. Fine in theory but if you factor in 80 to 100 mph side winds, then a whole different situation begins to arise. TERROR !!

First one , then another, then another ! We got blown over , one by one. Friends stopping to help were getting blown over at a standstill. It was moto mayhem. I came off at 45mph and hurt my left foot. By the time we came to camp, everyone was exhausted and in low spirits. We slept like babies.


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