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October 1, 2010

Nashville Tennessee, September 2010.

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Well here we go again, back on the blog. For anyone who wondered what happened to me after my little ‘off ‘ , in Argentina…  Well

I got flown across South America to a hospital in Beunos Aires in my own private plane, supplied by the insurance company. I was supplied with my own doctor and two aircrew. Nice to get a bit of attention !

Apparently I had cracked and broken ribs, a cracked pelvis and a rather swollen thumb .  Anyway after the hospital, a lovely Roman Catholic sanatorium, had  given me the all clear, I was shuttled over to a posh 4 star hotel in BA.  A few days wait and the insurance company slotted me on to a British Airways jumbo, first class ( because I was sort of incapacitated , not able to move easily). Anyway, after a superb flight back to the UK, I was met by a Merc  limo, to take me back to Wales. Service, big style . That was in April.

My bike , I left in Argentina and I still have not had it back, although I am told it will return to the UK sometime in October. Wait and see ?

Fast forward to September…and a flight back across the Atlantic again, this time to North America, to my mate Pete’s farm , near Nashville Tennessee, close to city called Lebanon. Pete and his good lady Sharon own a farm , Bell Farm on the bank of the river Cumberland. The Cumberland in turn, flows into the Mississippi river .

The idea is to do some riding here in Tennessee . Pete has two Triumph motorcycles which we are going to use. The weather is gorgeous, sunny and hot, about 80 plus. We had one day of about 95, they said. We went to Nashville yesterday and bought a couple of helmets. I got an HJC flip top with a built in sunvisor for about £110. A bargain ! Now for some fun.

We have been in and out of Nashville and Lebanon, last few days and here are a few pics I have snapped around the place.

This is a lovely rural part of the south. Settled originally by the Brits, the Dutch and the Germans. Lots of history. This is where the civil war was fought fiercely. Gone with the Wind land. Everyone talks with a southern drawl. Quite charming really. Also, most everybody here is welcoming and friendly.  Even the cops are polite… We got stopped for doing more than 15 mph past a school ! Pete received a very civil bollocking, then we carried on, slooowly.  They use speeding as a way of raising revenue, just like in the UK

OK, the pics. These are on my camera phone, so quality isn’t marvelous.  I shall be out and about with my Canon slr next week. The wildlife here is amazing.  I have an invite to try and film a hummingbird, no less. That will be good.

Anyway, enjoy the pics…more to follow.


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