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October 13, 2010

Huntsville Alabama October10th

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Well, eventually we have got mobile on the bikes. Pete has very kindly lent me one of his Triumphs, a 2001 Sprint RS model. Mind you we had to refurb it a bit first. I fitted new tyres, did a bit of crash repair damage and general tarting up and now have a rideable machine. Dunlop Q2’s they call them over here. Qualifier 2’s in the UK. They feel safe and predictable. Now for a few miles

First trip out, we went to the National Space museum at Huntsville Alabama, a 340 mile round trip. The roads are big and wide and pretty safe. Most drivers seem to be pretty courteous and laid back. A stark contrast to the UK, where paranoia rules.

Its very warm, we had 85 degrees on Sunday. It’s OK when you are riding but you feel it when stopped. Fuel is a lot cheaper here , just under 3 dollars, which is about £2, compared with £5 in the UK. Rip off Britain eh ?

Well the space museum was interesting , a glimpse back in time to  more optimistic times. Fascinating to see and touch the actual nuts and bolts of these amazing machines which left our skies for space in the 1960’s and 70’s when I grew up.

They told us that the shuttle has two months to go before it gets retired. They have no replacement. The knock on effect of this will mean that the Hubble Space telescope will be shutting down. Big shame. Blame Obama.

Here are a few pics of what is the NASA legacy. One hopes it will kick back into action before long.


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